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How to activate the SIM Card?
Once the TRAVEL SIM is registered correctly, upon arriving at the first destination, the TRAVEL SIM will automatically be activated. You will receive an SMS confirming the activation of the data package. Please make sure 1) Roaming data is set on your mobile 2) Data service & Data Roaming are set "ON" on the mobile.
What countries are covered in Asia?
Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam
Do I have a phone number?
Yes, the TRAVEL SIM will have its own number as normal. You may check it on your TRAVEL SIM package and you will also received it during your registration process.
Can I receive calls and text messages?

Yes, in order to receive or make a call (while you are abroad) you need to have enough credit (THB) in your TRAVEL SIM.The TRAVEL SIM default does not have any credit. You will need to top up before you travel to make and receive call.

Receiving SMS is free of charge while roaming abroad. So you do not need to have credit. Sending SMS is not free of charge, therefore you will need enough credits to send a message.

What are the APN settings?

IOS: APN is automatically set up

Android : Setting => Wireless and network => Mobile Network => Access Point Name => New APN => please input value as follows:

Name:INTERNET Usename:true
APN:INTERNET Password:true
Is top up possible? If yes how can I pay? International credit cards/ PayPal accepted? Link?
Topup channels => Shops, IService, Internet banking, and Credit Card
What are the top up packages?

Travel SIM Topup Packages

  1. TRAVEL SIM Asia 1 GB 3 days (150 THB) : USSD : *115*150#
  2. TRAVEL SIM World 1 GB 3 days (300 THB) : USSD : *115*300#
  3. TRAVEL SIM Asia Non-Stop 4 GB 8 days (299 THB) : USSD : *115*299#
  4. TRAVEL SIM World Non-Stop 4 GB 15 days (799 THB) : USSD : *115*799#
Does a top up extend the credit/ SIM Card validity? If yes for how long?
Yes top up will extended the credit & SIM card Validity which will depend on the amount of the topup money & the package
What happens if I still have some credit left over from my initial credit when I top up?
The remaining credit cannot be refunded and will be available according to the SIM validity
How long is my credit valid for?
Initially credit is valid for 30 days from your purchase. If you intend to keep the TRAVEL SIM card for the next trip you can topup at least 10 Thai Baht for another 30 Days.
What is the expiry of my SIM Card?
60 Days after registered, if no top up.
How can I know how much data I have left?
You can check the data allow left on the package by dial USSD : *116*1#
Can I use the SIM Card in multiple countries?
Yes (only for the countries that allow for TRAVEL SIM)
When I come back from my trip, can I keep my Travel ASIA SIM for the next trip? How do I do that?
Yes, you can keep you TRAVEL SIM Card for the next trips by topping up at least 10 THB for 30 Days validity.